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Respiratory stringing training and performance

Respiratory resistance devices enjoy great popularity with athletes of different disciplines. The concept behind this innovative training method was created in the 1970s, as researchers stated that the respiratory muscles, like any other muscle, can be trained on strength and stamina (Leith / Bradley, 2016). The respiratory muscles tire at high loads and can thus become the limiting factor of physical performance (Mador / Acevedo, 1991, Verges et al, 2007; Taylor / Romer, 2008).

Targeted training of the respiratory muscles counteract premature fatigue (Romer et al, 2001) and can significantly improve the endurance values ​​for athletes. According to the investigations, training with special respiratory resistance devices (e.g., training masks) leads to better performance. This could be detected in different sports such as cycling, swimming, running and rowing.

The influence of respiratory resistance training on performance parameters

During intensive physical work, the oxygen content as well as the pH in the muscles fall. The associated vasoconstriction (the so-called "metaboreflex") leads to fatigue and consequently for the breakdown. The muscle is no longer able to afford the required work.

In contrast, a trained muscle can counteract a fatigue of the nervous system and muscular metabolism of fatigue and maintain maximum performance.

What has to do with respiratory resistance training?

The targeted training of the respiratory muscles increases energy supply during the effort and at the same time reduces the oxygen demand of the claimed muscles. The muscle therefore requires less oxygen to provide more power. A wish scenario for every ambitious athlete.

Training masks have also been able to regulate breathing. This is crucial for individuals during intensive efforts due to breathlessness. Respiratory resistance devices make it possible for the first time to work on the breathing.

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During the launch phase of the Phantom Trainingsmask, the Phantom AthleticS team quickly realized that they were a big turn. The customer feedback was clear: breathing resistance training results in better "Real World" results.

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