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Meet the athlete: Fabio Guglielmini

From here, it will be machine. Because this man is not one who can slow it down or take a break. Starting with skiing, Brazilians living in Switzerland go on a day-to-day basis to reach their limits and beyond, always striving to move forward. In this interview, he tells you how it came about and what experience he has gained with the Phantom Training mask.

Are you very ambivalent sporty? How did it come to that and where are your beginnings?

Fabio Guglielmini: My adoptive father is skitrainer, for this reason I have started in skiing. On skis I was the first time with 2 years, at the age of 7 I started to race. Incidentally, I also played tennis and ice hockey, but that was more so incidentally for fun. I also drove a lot of bike, but all this in order to be optimally trained for skiing. Even if someone asked me what kind of sport I do, I always replied "skiing". That's what I identify with.

How was it going on from there?

Fabio Guglielmini: I was very successful in skiing, won as well as every race and soon came under the Schweitzer Top 5.

What would you consider to be your greatest success so far?

Fabio Guglielmini: This is difficult, because there was always the possibility for me to get really big successes, so I was, for example, B. already qualified for Vancouver, as well as Sochi, but fell short of injury due to injury both times.

I just don't have anything that I really would describe as my greatest success. However, this is not so tragic, I am preparing for the future.


Is there anything you would call your biggest mistake?

Fabio Guglielmini: I didn't have a simple life so far. If you are successful after success, it will happen quickly that people will become jealous and mistreat you.

Where I grew up, there is a more mathematical thinking, so in the direction: you go to school, do an education or something similar, then find some middle-class job, start a family, and so on. But you never really bring it to anything. Especially during the school days I had to fight enormously, because I often lacked several months due to the ski training. Although I did not have any gaps, as I taught myself the substance itself, in spite of everything I was often tempted to slow me down and put stones in my way.

How did you overcome that time?

Fabio Guglielmini: That's my strength. I'm not giving up, never. Because I know for myself, I have the strength and patience to achieve my goals sooner or later.

People have entailed my talents, I am athlete, Businessman, speak six languages, play several instruments, and they tried to prevent me from realizing my plans.

My intention was always to help everyone who needs my support, be it a little boy or old man. But I didn't get away from that, too.

I've always worked hard. At the age of 8, I was cows in the mountains and I was helping with the cheese, later I was working with the help of the wood hacking to improve my pocket money, and then I was a helicopter pilot at the Swiss Air Force.

II work in breastfeeding, every day, and don't care what people say. Because I know I will realize my goals. I've always believed that, and I'm doing it now.

You were born in Brazil? How did you go to Switzerland?

Fabio Guglielmini: I was an orphan and grew up in a favela, and then came to an orphanage. From there, my mother adopted me. That's how I came here.

In addition to skiing, you also have a passion for Weightlifting, especially extremely high weights?

Fabio Guglielmini: Here, too, I started young, especially in support of my skiing skills.

So about 10 years ago, in the garden under the guidance of my father, I started to train with a broom handle all the technical stuff. At the age of 14 years I was allowed to use a weight bar with 4kg disc weight for the first time and then finally get into the right weight training from 16. There's a nice story for that.When my father took me to the gym for the first time at this time, and I made deadlifts there with 120kg there. Everyone asked what a sport I would practise, but certainly weightlifters or the like. I replied, "No, I'm a skier."

Similarly, you often see you with calisthenics and the like?

Fabio Guglielmini: Also, I came indirectly about skiing. In the training of the racing team, we train a lot of strength, stamina, balance and other factors, even in the form of calisthenics.

Also, I love any kind of freestyle. And I love to make big wide jumps, not just on skis or snowboard. If anything can be springing, I'll do it. That's why I very much like to ride, among other things.



How many times per week do you train?

Fabio Guglielmini: As a rule, I train on six weekdays, for four to six hours. But that doesn't feel like something for me to get done, it's more of a habit.

Do you have a strategy to motivate you?

Fabio Guglielmini:As I said, training is part of my normal daily routine, which is why I do not need to be explicitly motivated. However, so that this can be maintained, it must continue to be fun for me. That's why I do new exercises every day, I never train exactly the same way I try to appeal to the whole body every day in all kinds of ways, from endurance or strength to speed and balance, I don't leave anything out.

Otherwise: Music. I always need music in training. Headphones pure and already I am completely in my world. She's the fuel behind each of my workouts.

What goals do you have for you?

Fabio Guglielmini: In the sporting field, I am preparing for the next World Championship. On a personal level, it is such that I don't have specific goals right now. Right now, I feel extremely good, really powerful, that's very pleasant. Otherwise my limits always wieter to push.

Are there other hobbies besides the sport?

Fabio Guglielmini:While there is less time for other people at the high training spensum, I still feel like setting up, fishing, playing an instrument, or taking care of my younger brother, who has a mental disability. Otherwise, I very much like to help the people around me. That is also something in which a certain fulfillment can be found. I just train a football team of 12-year-old boys with us at the place.


You also participated in "Italia got talents"?

Fabio Guglielmini: Yes, this show was great fun, and I also came quite far, but could no longer participate in the final, since during this time my compulsory service started in the military.

How did you become aware of the phantom training mask?

Fabio Guglielmini: I already had a training mask, however, not from Phantom Athletics, which, however, broke after a short time. Since I was not once again willing to spend money on something that I can throw in the garbage after a very short time, I have informed myself on the internet and have encountered the phantom training mask. I then ordered it quite soon.

How did your first training work with it?

Fabio Guglielmini: We were with the racing team during training on the ski slope, with the Phantom training aske then having their first bet for me.

How did you get?

Fabio Guglielmini: I went straight to 4 and it was just incredible, as she immediately pushed me to the limits. In addition, she did not disturb me under the ski helmet in any way, that was genial.Furthermore, it was great, how intense I could feel my breath. Also, I was thrilled to see how light and handsome they were compared to the previous mask.

For what kind of training do you use them?

Fabio Guglielmini: For everything, there's actually as good as no training I don't wear them. Be it cross-fit enduro units, cycling, weight training, at all.

Your favorite training?

Fabio Guglielmini: That's hard to say, since every kind of training has its very own appeal to me. However, if I had to set myself down, I would say, cycling. Although weightlifting with the phantom training mask is also good, but nothing against 100km-wheel units.



What was your "most extreme" experience with the Phantom Trainingsmaske?

Fabio Guglielmini: When I switched my training to high rate numbers at a minimum of 30 repetitions. There it came, especially in later sentences at weights around 175kg thought: "Pretty tough." But that's great. I love to fight through there, also mentally.

What do you advise anyone who thinks the phantom training mask is pointless?

Fabio Guglielmini: Well, I'm an example of it working. For the FIS races, I have to complete a cardio test every year. Although I was already quite well positioned at that time, since I was training with the mask, the results are, however, extremely shining upwards.

The "best" comment you heard in the context of the Phantom Training mask?

Fabio Guglielmini: Hannibal Lecter

The Phantom training aske is for me ...

Fabio Guglielmini: ... like a friend with which you have just come together. I can't go anywhere without her without her immediately missing.

If I don't train, which is rather rare, I immediately ask myself whether the workout with her would not have been much better. It's like skiing without helm. I was so educated to always wear it, without I can't get on the slope. Likewise, it is with the Phantom training mask. That's why I always have them in the backpack.



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