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Meet the athlete: Mario Paonessa

With the water as his real element, our athlete Mario not least made our attention to the World Rowing Cups in 2016 and 2017. Little surprising, because he had always had a special reference to the sea at the Italian coast near Naples. But let's talk to himself, here he is.

How did you choose to rowing?

I discovered this sport at the age of 9 years for me. Since I always had a great favor for boats and especially the sea, it just fit perfectly.

What came then?

I started training in Naples and then managed later into the "Fiie Giame" (sports conveyor group of the Italian police), where I was already allowed to celebrate my first great successes.

How do you create a typical training week?

It depends on the season, on average I have 13 units per week, plus minus.

There is probably not much time for other hobbies?

Yes, that's right, just missing the time. But as soon as I have half a day free, it goes immediately to the underwater fish, one of my other great passions next to the rowing.

Your regeneration strategy to hold a hard program?

With the years in sport, one learns to adapt to such a high pensum, in particular it is almost fundamentally in my sport, always to give everything and to go over their own limits. However, a good nutrition and on itself also pay attention to a big contribution.

How do you motivate yourself?

I like to use various imagination techniques. For example, I close your eyes and focus on my goals, wherever I can push my borders and beyond.

What do you see as your biggest success?

This was definitely the Bronze Medal 2017 at World Championship in Florida. Since the years of devotion paid out.

And your biggest defeat?

At the Olympic Games in London in order to miss only a few tenths of a second place was pretty much my biggest sporty disappointment. But that gave me the necessary strength to restart. Stronger than ever.

How did you come to the Phantom Trainingsmask?

I saw you on social networks and became curious. That's why I have informed myself and started to see the potential she offers to me to develop more sporty even more intensively.

What was your first impression?

Very positive. The phantom training mask combines a "catchy" look with a feeling as if it was almost not so easy and comfortable it is.

What happened then?

I started gradually to train, first only in the gym, then at the rowing itself. Of course it was not easy, but I was noticeably used to step by step. Gradually, through Anaerobic rowing training, I have noticed how extreme you supports me to redefine my personal limits.

How often a week do you train with the Phantom Trainingsmask?

I usually use them at 4-5 trainings.

What was your "most extreme" experience with the phantom training mask?

In my sport, run a fundamental training style. Intensive mountain racks with the phantom training mask are quite a very "extreme" experience for me.

Could you also notice mental improvements?

In any case, very clear. The phantom training mask induces a strong respiratory expense, which is why a training under such conditions gave me great benefits for my mental endurance and the sustainability. It's about simply give up.

Could the Phantom Training Mask also contribute to your success at the World Rowing Championship 2017, as well as the World Rowing Cup in the same year?

The mask accompanied me in 2017 at almost all of my workouts, so I am firmly convinced that she has gave me a significant training and performance advantage.

Your message to all critics of the Phantom Training Mask?

For a real "Toplevel" athletes, it can be more and more difficult for the time to almost impossible to further improve its performance. Nevertheless, I made the "Maschera Phantom" to become faster and more efficient than ever before.

What are your next big goals?My next destination?

The World Rowing Championship 2018 in Plovdiv. Of course, I want to build seamlessly to my current successes !!

If, as Mario wants to improve your physical and mental skills, to improve your body to sporty high performance, then you should take a look at our Phantom Trainingsmask!


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